Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bye for now.

Well those among you that having been left bereft from the delay of this posting, I apologise. But we are now home for a short time.
We took the boat up to Stourport in the morning.  

So these are the visitor moorings a stones throw from the lock.  Other boats whizzed past these presumably to go to the more central ones in the town.  More about those later.  No time limit was on the signage here, that Dutch bargy boat behind us had been here for ten days.
The Cathedral had been our view during our short time here.
Pretty sweet eh?

This below is the Diglis Hotel.  My what a beautiful building.  I am told that the food is ok, but the service is terribly slow, patrons buy two rounds of drinks at one time to save queuing a second time, but what a grand garden overlooking the river. 

The cathedral disappears form view due to those trees.  I'd prune them back.

There is a swan sanctuary hereabouts and there are plenty. 

David likes....

So here ar ethe other visitor moorings.  From what we see there didn't appear to be wood or rubber, on concrete and could probably do with a few more bollards or rings.  We'll not bother with these ones by choice, plus you have to pay.

Out of the centre of Worcester and these are some sensibly built houses.  We saw many that seemed lower down than the river bank on the opposite side.  
Could be problematic me thinks.

Frightfully near the river....

Just the three locks to do today.  The gates took ages to open here....

Funny boat.


This took ages getting out too, a bit like giving birth.

A Lady Captain too, how the tourists waved to and photographed us!

On the gates of the other two locks top gates, were nesting wagtails, the Grey Wagtails were faster than this Pied Wagtail   HERE  he was taking the morning air for a few seconds so I could get this shot.  
The Greys were like grease lightening.

Pretty good photo of a memory for me.  No houses, no people, no roads or paths, no other boats.....  Just fabulous.

So to get up from the river into the basin there are two sets of staircase locks, or four locks joined together in pairs.

River below and the first one.

Second one brings you up alongside a dry dock.

This vessel was moored on the river in front of us, he started his engine to come up the double locks to get here and we were swathed in black smoke and it sounded like a helicopter.  So do emissions laws apply to craft? 

Much nicer craft here.

Landed and nesting.  Leckkie on and we'll see you soon WaL.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Wet wet wet Worcester.

So it was raining when I woke up, it continued all day and into the evening, all in all about 12 hours of solid heavy rain.  This was the reason that the boats had fled Tewkesbury, appointments and wanting to avoid hours of boating in the pouring rain today, at least it wasn't windy.

David was THRILLED, he is a farmer and loves it when it rains, but seriously its been a very dry winter and we needed it.

A fine day of reading and blogging followed and a tiny bit of online shopping.  But in the evening the sun came out briefly and we met Nick (Our Son-in-law's dad)  at a pub on the edge of Diglis Basin, The Anchor.  A swift pint then a brief walk around the immediate area.

Visitor moorings just 100 metres from the lock.  Nice floaty pontoon.

Tewkesbury yeaterday, Worcester today and Stourport tomorrow.

Muchgiggling to be heard form these two novice sounding boats of "mature crews"

The lock landing for the Worcester Birmingham canal.

My first wild rose this year.

A section of Diglis Basin, I liked it here...

Then after the rain....

So this is Nick and David pointing out the highest flood marker on the old wall here that leads up to the Cathedral.  1947 was the highest in the brick markers, but only a fraction higher than 2014!!

Back to WaL and off tomorrow north again.

Friday, 19 May 2017

We simply got wet.

This morning the weather forecast was horrid but for tomorrow.  
The problem was that I wanted to spend a day in Tewkesbury, at least a day, I could probably fill three easy.
So by some kind of a compromise David suggested a visit to the Abbey at its opening time of 8:30, So we belted up there on bikes and did a tour quickly on our own.  Sadly the Abbey have no Tour Guides at the moment, the lady in the shop explained that their guides were all getting a bit long in the tooth and no younger volunteers available.   Its such a shame but volunteers are thin on the ground in all aspects of our society today.
So here are a few shots of Tewkesbury.

Medieval buildings a plenty. 

Wow just look at those Norman pillars.

Beautiful abbey, see the clouds coming our way?

This is so touching, a carved cross from the abbey's construction in the entrance, its worn smooth with fingers touching it, mine with them. 

We had met and invited NB Cleddau's Sue & Ken around for coffee at about 10am but it was clear both boats had the same idea, which was to flee, The Cleddau's south and us to the north.  I heard later that they had to face the wind and rain in the faces all the way whereas it blew us along. Sorry guys.

Both crews took about 15 minutes to get fully kitted out in wet weather gear, waterproof feet, hats and life-jackets on.

Next time both instead we hope.

So with the rain already falling, we all departed.  The Cleddau's first with another shorter boat sharing the lock and us following on needing the lock to ourselves.

Out of Tewkesbury lock and onto a wee branch taking you to the Severn proper.

Old warehouses just crying out for development.

We turned right for Worcester

Under the M5.

Restoration project anyone?

Well I wouldn't be relaxed this low in the water

Upton-Upon-Severn, a possible stop, but having just got into all this wet weather gear, we decided to just carry on.
These three swans took off right in front of WaL.

We arrived at Worcester lock, the traffic lights were on red.  It stayed on red so long that I wondered if he had actually seen us.  David repositioned WaL  so that the Lock Keeper could easily see us.  
Then ever so slowly they opened.   Now I was surprised to see the boat, looked a bit like a lifeboat from the Titanic, the rowers had Disney rain-capes on.  
Pretty heavy rain now settling in I called over where were they headed for  "Stratford" they said, I laughed as I thought they were joking but no, off down the Severn they went.

Bit surprised to see this.

Without a life jacket in sight.  

Our turn in the lock.

 Out the lock and there was a nice empty floating pontoon almost empty.  Moored up, kettle on but David decided to stay outside to scrub the cratch cover which he likes to do in a downpour, well he got that alright.
Cratch cover looks good though.

He was dry underneath all that.

Supper was scrambled eggs on toast with roasted tomatoes and avocados mashed in chilli sauce.